Chef Signature Roll

Clifton Park Special Roll
Shrimp tempura spicy crab inside, tuna, yellowtail, salmon, and eel on top
Green Spider Roll
Soft shell crab tempura and scallop tempura wrap in green soy bean paper
Baked Philadelphia Roll (cook)
Eel avocado and cream cheese inside baked with smoked salmon and spicy mayo on top
Purple Roll
Slices of eel tempura avocado and crabstick inside baked Japanese long eggplant on top with miso sauce
Victoria Secret Roll
Shrimp tempura, cucumber avocado and fried crab stick in pink soy Bean paper with eel sauce
Fantastic Roll
Tuna Salmon Yellowtail Avacado Cuccumber fine fish roll w furikake seasoning inside wrapped with special seaweed
Hawaii Roll (Cook)
Shrimp tempura, eel inside, top with avocado first layer and second layer with mango and red tobiko serving w mango sauce.
Treasure Island Roll(Cook)
Shrimp tempura , eel and avocado inside, top w. crabmeat serving w. special sauce
Volcano Roll
spicy salmon,jalapeno, & avocado inside and deep fried top with spicy crab and tobiko w. spicy mayo sauce.
Fire Cracker Roll
Spicy tuna & jalapeno pepper inside, pepper tuna & avocado on top serving with spicy mayo sauce
Sunset Roll
Lobster tempura, spicy tuna , salmon and avocado wrap with soy paper serving with chili sauce.
Tempura Rainbow Roll
Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, red snapper, avocado, cream cheese inside, and light battered fried tempura style.
Angry Dragon Roll
Lobster tempura, spicy tuna, papaya, & cucumber wrap w. soy paper, spicy kani salad on top.
Yami Yami Roll
Lobster tempura. Asparagus & mango inside, top w. spicy tuna & crab salad, server w. mango & eel sauce
Sexy Girl Roll
Pepper tuna, cucumber, asparagus and mango inside, top with scallop, salmon, crab and avocado serve wasabi sauce
Nick's Roll ( In Memory Of Nick)
Eel, crab, asparagus and papayas wrap in a soybean papper, top with mango serve w. mango & eel sauce
Pop Roll
Shrimp tempura w. spicy tuna, avocado, mango, wrap w. soy paper, spicy crab on top , serve of eel & mango sauce.
Four Season Roll
Shrimp tempura, crab meat and asparagus wrap by soy paper, top with tuna, salmon, yellowtail & white tuna
With slice jalapeno pepper and four variety tobiko, serve with wasabi and citrus sauce.
Passion Roll
King crab, avocado, spicy salmon, cream cheese inside lightly fried and top w. bake scallop & spicy crab salad
Paradise Roll
Shrimp tempura asparagus inside, Spicy lobster salad top w. fresh Japanese scallop, lemon and two color tobiko