Love Boat

Sushi & Sashimi Boat (For 2)
10 pcs of assorted sushi, 18 pcs sashimi, 1 Rock N roll 1 spicy tuna roll and 2 California hand rolls
Love Boat Special for Three
Three pieces of tuna, salmon, red snapper, striped bass, and yellowtail sashimi each. Three pieces of tuna, salmon, fluke, shrimp and crabmeat sushi each. One Fantasy, Nick's and Clifton Park special roll each.
Sushi & Sashimi Boat (For 4)
16 pcs of assorted sushi, 32 pcs sashimi, One Mango Dragon and One RainBow roll, one shrimp tempura and one Clifton park special Roll
Sushi & Sashimi Boat (For 6)
66 pcs of total sushi & sashimi combo of variety of fishes. And an order of Fire House, Mango Dragon, Victoria Secret Roll and shrimp tempura each. one California and spicy tuna roll.